As we actively expand our services, we hope to establish relationships with more companies and professionals abroad.

Major Clients

Over 30 television networks/stations, production companies, corporate clients, and others, including: Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television, BS-TBS, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Nippon TV Network, Fuji TV Network, MBS, TBC, BSN, SBC, MRO, RCC, MBC, OBS, Discovery Channel, Nikkei CNBC, MediaCorp, Channel JAPAN, BS Nippon, and Tomo-Digi, Google, France24, PTV(Philippines).

To highlight some examples…

MediaCorp, Singapore

Provide camera crew, and live feed, editing, and video transmission services for the Tokyo Bureau of Channel NewsAsia.

Toho Co., Japan

Shoot red carpet at international film festivals, edit footage to be provided to TV stations, transmit footage via IP from abroad to Japan.