• Camera Crew
  • Editing
  • Live/Footage Feed
  • Video Translation
  • Research/Fixing
  • Interpretation/Coordination
  • Customized Content

Camera Crew

We have a wealth of experience with camera, sound, and lighting for news and informational programs, documentaries, variety shows, commercials, corporate videos, and live broadcasts.
We can accommodate a variety of requests, ranging from a simple one-person shoot using a small camera, to elaborate set-ups involving switching between multiple cameras.
Upon request by email or telephone, we can also shoot footage and send it to you via IP transmission, courier, or any other method specified.
We also shoot aerial and underwater videos.


We have linear and non-linear capabilities to create the edit you want.
We can send a rough cut of footage we have shot for you, or create a final cut including subtitles, on-screen text, graphics, and/or voice overs.
Please also contact us regarding conversion and/or duplication of a variety of media and file formats.

Live/Footage Feed

We can quickly transmit footage to the location specified, or send live feeds from Japan abroad.
- IP transmission
- SNG UPLINK (Superbird, Intelsat, and NSS satellites)
We regularly handle live broadcasts, including those involving switching between multiple cameras.
(For storage and streaming transmission via IP, please contact us for specific formats and conditions.)

Video Translation

Need to have a video translated? Let us know!
We are experienced in translating Japanese content into various languages, either in the form of subtitles or voice-overs.


Our company is essential in the production of a wide range of programs, such as news and informational programs, documentaries, and variety shows.
We have the know-how and an extensive network of contacts to effectively assist you in research, location scouting, scheduling, negotiating for interviews, filing for permits, model/talent casting, and other production needs.


We are ready to assist you on-location anywhere in the country.
Bilingual staff with extensive production experience will accompany you as interpreter, as well as arranging for anything your production crew may need.

Customized Content

Can’t come to Japan to shoot the footage you need? Not to worry!
You can trust our directors, camera crew, interpreters, and other staff to shoot exactly what you want and send it to you.
Please contact us via email or telephone.
Whether general footage, sit-down interviews, man on the street interviews, or anything else, you can count on us to realize your request.

Know what kind of interview you want but not sure who to interview?
Or know what kind of footage you want but not sure where the best location would be?
Let us help you!

We will shoot at the best location and interview the most appropriate people for your needs, and send you, along with the video footage, a report in English and a precise translation of interviews.